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After yesterday’s first post in my series, the 52 Weeks of Bad A** Bacteria, where I featured lactofermented garlic, I had a couple questions from readers about what they should do with the garlic once it’s fermented.

Long story short, you can use it in anything that you would normally put garlic in. Keep in mind that if you add it to cooked dishes, you will lose the probiotic benefit of it, but it still has an awesome flavor, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fermenting process of the garlic mellows the cloves by removing some of the heat but enhancing the flavor.

To obtain all of the probiotic and nutritional goodness from your lactofermented garlic, you should add it to anything that is not cooked like dips, salad dressings, salsa, chutney, cold salads, cold vegetable dishes, etc. You can also take it medicinally and just eat a clove with each meal, but I know not many people might want to do that.

Here are some recipes that would be great with the addition of the pickled garlic. When the recipe calls for garlic powder, you can use approximately the same amount of you fresh garlic, depending on your tastes. Dried garlic is going to be more concentrated, so you might find that you need a little extra fresh garlic to get the same flavor. You can either mince it very fine, grate it, or whiz it up in a food processor.

Salad Dressings, Dips, and Condiments

Salads, Soups, and Sides

Main Dishes

These are just a few recipes where you can include your pickled garlic. Remember, anything where you’d normally use garlic, whether dried or fresh, you can use the pickled garlic in the recipe. I’ll be using this garlic in all of my cooking from now on, as well as using it in future fermented and cultured dishes I do as part of my year long series.

So, have you made any pickled garlic? What is your favorite way to serve it? Have you been brave enough to just eat the clove whole? Share your favorite recipes in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for next week’s fermented food. Remember, I’ll be featuring a different fermented or cultured food every single week in 2012! I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, ideas, etc.


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