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maple-syrupImage Courtesy of sxc.hu and Asolario

I had not heard about this and was shocked as I read Sarah’s recent post on The Healthy Home Economist. Looks like Grade B maple syrup will be no more after new rules go into effect in 2013. This really bugs me. It’s just another way that the government is allowing our food system to be corrupted. Grade B is all that I use for maple syrup because of it’s higher mineral content, and frankly, it tastes better than all that other junk out there!

By 2013, new international standards for labeling maple syrup will come into effect with Grade B no longer used. The new system for categorizing maple syrup is designed with the express purpose of eliminating discrimination against the darker syrup.

When these changes go into effect, all maple syrup will have to be labeled as Grade A. There will be classes within the grade, including Golden, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark. However, just because the Dark or Very Dark class might look like your old Grade B syrup, doesn’t mean that it is. Read Sarah’s full post here.

It’s time to stock up. Here are a few places to look into stocking up on organic Grade B maple syrup before it’s too late. Remember to always buy organic maple syrup. Non-organic varieties are sometimes processed with formaldehyde, though this seems to be less common now that in the ’80’s and ’90’s. Just a quick search on Google will yield lots of options for maple syrup. Amazon has great prices on a few of my favorite brands:

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