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Great video from Michael Pollan on the importance of voting with our forks AND voting with our votes. America’s food system is completely tied up in Washington, due to commodities legislation and policy choices by our elected leaders. The commodity crops are the “building blocks of fast food”. Like Pollan says, we need to shift the focus and money to research on growing organic, sustainable crops, rather than GMO commodity crops.

Pollan says, the Farm Bill should be called the Food Bill, because it affects all of us, not just the farmers. There are many things that you can do to take action and make your voice heard regarding the 2012 Farm Bill.

1. Call the leaders of the House and Senate agricultural committees and tell them NO on the “Secret Farm Bill“. There is even a call script to help you make this call, created by Food Democracy Now.

2. Locate your two senators and your representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act. Another handy script has already been developed to help you.

3. Find your local farmers markets and visit them. Talk to the farmers. Ask them about the Farm Bill and see what they have to say. This will greatly enhance your understanding about this issue and will help you gain a more solid stance.

4. Research the programs that could be included in the 2012 Farm Bill. These include the Begining Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act, which helps new farmers get started farming.

5. Learn some history about the Farm Bill. If you understand the history of the bill, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions about the future.

Don’t forget about the importance of making your voice heard. While you might feel that you alone can’t make a difference, just remember that there are thousands and thousands out there who feel the same as you. Together, we CAN make a difference for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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