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Beets are one of my ALL time favorite veggies. I’m sure my family finds this very amusing that I say this now because up until about two years ago, I couldn’t stand beets. I have no idea what changed, but now I am a huge fan and I eat them every time I can!

One of the things I always say is that we should eat for color. Try to eat a wide range of colors in our fruits and veggies. And, you can’t get more vibrant than beets! I will be discussing beets in my July newsletter, which will come out soon.

For now, you can find beets all over the place, from your local farmers’ market to your grocery store. They are in season right now and you can find both the vibrant red and the golden yellow beets. Both are delicious raw or cooked.

Easy Roasted Beets // deliciousobsessions.com

Easy Roasted Beets

Enjoy this easy roasted beet recipe as a side dish or make it fancy with your favorite herbs, spices, or a thick balsamic vinegar.



    1. This process will work for all beets, no matter the variety. Do keep in mind that if you roast pale-colored beets with the dark red beets, the pale beets will absorb some of the red colors. If you want to keep the colors pure, then roast them separately.
    2. To roast your beets, simply wash the beets (you can use a soft vegetable brush on the skin if needed) and trim the tops 1-2 inches above the root.
    3. Place in a glass baking dish, sprinkle with coconut oil, and a dash of salt, and roast at 350 for 20-60 minutes.
    4. Once they are roasted, place in cold water to cool slightly and then gently peel the skins off. They should slip off easily.

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I love roasted beets with butter and lemon juice. I will often make a big batch and eat them for several days. It’s always best to eat in season, so go get some beets and enjoy!

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