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Black radishes are one of those weird veggies that you don’t see too often. While we don’t often see them here in the States, they are used quite frequently in Europe.

I found mine at my local health food store. Sometimes you can find them at your local farmers markets in the winter, spring, and early summer.

The flavor is very radishy and earthy, but not spicy like normal radishes. The flavor might be a little strong for some, but those who like root veggies and radishes will love these. While you can eat the skins if you want, it’s not recommended.

Black radishes are high in vitamin C, the B vitamins, and sulfur. It is also high in fiber and contains different chemicals that help increase the production of bile, which in turn helps with digestion. It is also an antibacterial for our gut. My NTP recommends consuming a little black radish with every meal. This delicious slaw is a great way to do that, although you could simply eat a few slices of the beet if you prefer.


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