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Weekly Recipe Wrap Up

Since it’s a cold day here in Denver, I decided to make this a soup edition to help warm us all up. Plus, who doesn’t like soup? It’s one of the best foods you can eat in my opinion. If you use quality ingredients, then you’ll end up with a nourishing, filling and healthy meal.

Weekly Recipe Wrap Up – The Soup Edition

Cauliflower Soup with Black Truffle Oil – Cauliflower soup is pretty common, but the addition of black truffle oil really takes this recipe to the next level. Not even sure where I get black truffle oil in my neck of the woods, or if I could even afford it even if I could find it!

Zuppa Toscano – This sounds like a very hearty and fulfilling soup. Perfect for cold, winter days. The addition of the cream and Parmesan makes it rich and satisfying.

A Rustic Soup – This is the kind of soup that makes me think of my mom. Rich, hearty and full of all sorts of flavor.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup – There’s still lots of butternut squash to be had, so go ahead and make a big batch of this. I like the addition of the apple – seems like it would compliment the squash perfectly.

Jook (Chinese Rice Soup) – I had to put this one in here because it is just so different. And because I was amused that he said that the cashier didn’t know what ginger was.

Soupe de Betterave, Pâte d’Anchois aux Noix – The translation of this is “Beet Soup with Anchovy-Walnut Paste”. Again, a very different sounding recipe that I just had to include in the soup edition. Anchovies are really good for you and since they’re mixed in, I’m guessing you won’t even notice that they’re in there.

44-clove garlic soup – Um. What’s not to love about this soup? Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love affair with garlic and when I saw a recipe for soup that included 44 cloves, it stopped me dead in my tracks! While my husband, and coworkers for that matter, may not like me after I make this soup, I’m adding several chunks of garlic to my shopping list and making this, stat!

Chilled Ginger Cantaloupe Soup – We’ll have to wait until summer to eat this soup, but I wanted to put it in here, lest I forget about it. I love ginger. I love cantaloupe. I can’t imagine anything more refreshing on a hot day.

What tasty soup recipes did you stumble across this week? What’s cooking in your kitchen? I’d love to hear!

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