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Another week down! It seems as though when Monday rolls around, I am looking at all the days between it and Saturday, and the weekend seems so far away, yet when I wake up on Saturday morning, I can’t believe the week has already passed!

This has been another week of great recipes from fellow real food bloggers. Below are just a few of the ones I thought sounded wonderful!

Pumpkin Cake Bars With Cinnamon Icing – Pumpkin season is in  full swing and I can guarantee there will be more delicious pumpkin recipes to come, both from me and other bloggers! To get us started, let’s try these pumpkin cake bars from Food Renegade. They’re even grain and dairy free for those of you who have to avoid those ingredients!

Raw Caramel Dip For Apples – I stumbled across this recipe last Monday, right after Halloween. Last weekend, I had a massive craving for caramel apples, but I wasn’t about to break down and buy any of the garbage at the grocery store, so I thought I was destined to not have any. Then, I found Whole Live Nutrition Kitchen’s caramel dip for apples and fell in love!

Homemade Goat Milk Cottage Cheese – Last weekend, I made some homemade farmer’s cheese, which is super easy to make. For another easy-to-make-at-home cheese, try this homemade cottage cheese from GNOWFGLINS.

Quinoa Coconut Granola Bites – I have a huge bag of quinoa in my fridge that I need to do something with and this is one of the recipes I’m going to try out this weekend. The quinoa, combined with the almond butter and flaxseed will provide a lot of protein, fiber, and lasting energy.

Fermented Hot Chili Sauce – Cold and flu season is upon us and one of the best ways to help your immune system stay in tip-top shape is to eat lots of spicy foods. This fermented chili sauce is going to be hot and full of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and tons of vitamin C — all of which help ward off those nasty winter bugs. For those of you who may be wary of the heat of the habañero, you could substitute a less spicy pepper in its place. All varieties of peppers are full of great nutrients.

What fantastic recipes did you stumble across this week? Feel free to share them by leaving me a comment below!

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