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This video has been circulating the Web for the last week or so, and when I watched it, I couldn’t stop smiling. What an impressive boy. At 11 years old, he has more poise and articulation than most adults I know. It’s so inspiring to see a child with such passion and zeal to change the system. We can listen to adults ramble on day after day about a broken system, but to see a child so educated about where his food comes from should make us stand up and take notice.

He states in the video that he wanted to be a football player in the NFL, but after learning about our food system, he has decided that he wants to be an organic farmer instead! At 11 years of age, he’s already thinking about the impact that he wants to have on the world.

Kudos to his parents as well for homeschooling him. I doubt he would be as well-spoken and excited about nutrition and organic farming had he attended our traditional public schools (sad but true). This gives me more inspiration to homeschool my future children and I am thankful that mother homeschooled me as well.

The video is a mere five minutes long and it is worth the watch.

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