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Well, you might not after this! I just HAD to post this blog – it was too gross not to! I’m all about the shock value sometimes!

Mechanically Separated Chicken, from Fooducate, via Early Onset of Night

Yep, that’s your chicken nuggets … yum … looks like marshmallow fluff, cherry flavor perhaps … BLECH!

This is a rarely seen image of the world of mechanically separated meat (aka. McNuggets, chicken patties, hot dogs, processed sandwich meats, etc.). According to the article by the Huffington Post (which I encourage you to read), this meat will be washed with ammonia once it’s squeezed out of that machine, because it is crawling with bacteria. Then, because the ammonia makes it taste bad (who would of thought?), it will of course be injected with artificial flavors to make it taste delicious once again. Oh, and that strange pink color? Well, who wants to eat a pink McNugget? No one, so it will of course be dyed the correct whitish/tanish/brownish color we all know and love.

Yay for mechanically separated chicken! Let’s go grab some Mickey D’s for a late night snack!

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