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If the recent egg recall in August 2010 is not enough to stop you from buying commercial eggs, how about the fact that you would have to eat 4 commercial eggs to get the same nutrition that one pastured egg has? I am thankful that my parents are still nice enough to share their eggs with me. Their chickens get to roam around outside all day and eat all those little things that chickens should be allowed to eat. One day, when we have more space, I hope to have a couple chickens of my own so that my family can have access to fresh eggs.

If at all possible, you should try to get your eggs at your local farmers market or a local farmer if there is one close to you. The Eat Wild website has a directory where you can find farms in your area and learn about the products they provide. If you must get eggs from the supermarket, try to look for labels that say “organic”, “free-range”, “pastured”, “cage free”, etc. They will be more expensive than your generic store brand, but the nutritional value is far superior. And, if you can get eggs from your local farmer, the nutritional value of those is even higher!

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