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Honey Sesame Seared Salmon Recipe (gluten and dairy free)

This honey sesame seared salmon is one of my go-to salmon recipes. When I make it, I feel like I am eating something gourmet at a nice restaurant. Since I can very rarely eat out anymore due to all of my dietary restrictions, these fancy little dishes are something that […]

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Pan-Seared Cajun Spice Cod Filet Recipe

This Pan Seared Cajun Cod Filet Recipe is literally the easiest recipe ever. Take a simple fish filet and within just a few minutes, you have a delicious dinner. Did I mention simple? You can pair it with any side dish you want. I personally love to eat it with my spicy cabbage and carrot slaw […]

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Salmon Croquettes with Simple Tartar Sauce

This recipe came out of the need to use up some canned salmon that had the bones in it. I created it before I really liked canned salmon and knew the benefits of eating a diet with more fatty fish in it. At first, I was completely disgusted with the fact that it had bones in it […]

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