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How to Make Coconut Butter (in only 3 minutes)

I’ve passed up quite a few amazing sounding recipes in the past that called for coconut butter. Why? I didn’t want to pay for organic coconut butter because well, it’s a little steep. Some of the top brands I’ve looked at run around $10 for 16 oz. So a few months ago I ordered a […]

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Fruity Balsamic Glaze (and how to select a balsamic vinegar)

This fruity balsamic glaze is something I keep on hand all the time. It is rich, tangy, and sweet and pairs wonderfully with just about anything. Here’s a few of my favorite ways to use it: I sometimes use it as a dressing on spinach and tomato salads. I use it as a glaze on grilled […]

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How to Make Honey Candied Ginger and Ginger Syrup

Want to know how to make honey candied ginger and ginger syrup? Well, today I am going to show you! Candied ginger is a tasty treat and something I keep on hand. I use it in certain recipes and also will eat a piece when my stomach is feeling a little upset. You can buy […]

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