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Strawberries & Cream Tart (Gluten & Dairy Free, Autoimmune Paleo)

{Today I would like to give a warm welcome Tyler, author of The Primitive Homemaker. She creates some delicious autoimmune friendly recipes on her site and today, she shares her recipe for a Strawberries & Cream Tart. As a fellow AIP’er, I know exactly what it’s like to feel so restricted that […]

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Egg-Free Pie Crust (Grain, Gluten, and Dairy Free)

I am currently egg-free, as I work through potential food allergens and try to identify what may be causing me problems (read about my journey to health here). For the most part, I don’t really miss eggs, except in my homemade mayo. Man, I really miss my mayo — so […]

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How to Use Chia or Flax For Egg Replacements

I have been egg free off and on for about a year now, as I work through various food allergies and try to determine what I am truly sensitive to and what I’m not. I seem to be having some slight reactions to eggs — nothing serious, but enough to make me think I need […]

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