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Dairy-Free Maple Coffee Creamer

Coffee. Really, the word itself is enough to bring comfort to me on cold mornings. Bliss in a cup. I know it sounds funny but some days it is the little things that bring joy to this stay-at-home mama. I know it sounds silly, but I don’t need the  coffee for the ‘get up and […]

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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast

Eating gluten-free this holiday season? There’s no need to sacrifice dishes to fit your heath needs! This round-up of delicious dishes gives you everything you need to have the Ultimate Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Feast! Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since childhood. Not because I loved stories of Pilgrims or Native Americans (though I’ve always been […]

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The Top 5 Tips For a Perfect Pie (and 20+ recipes)

Pie, the perfect dessert for every season! But it seems some people get intimidated by making a from scratch pie. Let me tell you, it’s not so bad. I once was afraid of it but now pie is one of my favorite desserts to make. With a good crust and yummy filling, pie is a […]

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High-Protein Superfood Breakfast Brownies :: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

What’s that you say? Brownies? For breakfast? What crazy talk is this? Well, it’s simply an invention that I came up with because I love brownies and I needed something different to go along with breakfast! These delicious breakfast brownies are not only packed with tons of protein, but they have a healthy whammy of […]

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How to Make Your Own Non-Dairy Milks :: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

I remember the first time I tried almond milk.  It was in my low-fat, whole grain days and I was all about the next “healthy” food to hit the shelves.  The almond milk was store bought and I was less than impressed.  I was surprised that I didn’t care for it.  At the time, my […]

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