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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment with Egg Yolks and Honey

Want an easy way to give your hair some TLC? This coconut oil hair treatment is a great conditioner and is perfect for all hair types. It only consists of three ingredients, all of which have long been regarded as great hair conditioners. My husband tends to have dry hair and a dry scalp and […]

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Your Organic Eggs Are Not What They Seem

There is a lot of information coming to light about the quality of organic eggs and the methods used to raise the chickens. The more research I do, the more I see that organic eggs really aren’t any better than commercial eggs. Unfortunately, what has happened is the organic market is dominated by a couple main players, who are […]

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Why you should not eat supermarket eggs

If the recent egg recall in August 2010 is not enough to stop you from buying commercial eggs, how about the fact that you would have to eat 4 commercial eggs to get the same nutrition that one pastured egg has? I am thankful that my parents are still nice enough to share their eggs with me. Their […]

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