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The Missing Mineral You Need to Prevent Insulin Resistance

Recently, in my post ‘How To Decrease Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Just A Few Weeks‘, I shared that blood sugar can be well managed through your diet. Today, I’m here to share a bit more about the missing mineral you need to prevent insulin resistance in case just diet alone isn’t cutting it […]

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The Scoop on Gelatin Brands

How to Choose Gelatin Brands… I have written about gelatin a lot on this site and many of my recipes feature this nutritious food (I’ll give you a list of delicious gelatin recipes below to get you started). I’m not going to go into detail about what gelatin is, so if you’re new to gelatin, […]

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Bone Broth: The Under-Appreciated Superfood

Editor’s Comments: You know by now that I love my bone broth. It is often used as a healing aid in a variety of specific diets, but fundamentally, broth is simply a nourishing (and inexpensive) food that everyone should be consuming, regardless of whether you’re on a healing diet or not. I know not everyone […]

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Why Agave Nectar is NOT a Healthy Sweetener

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Joe Leech of Authority Nutrition and shared here with their permission. Make sure you stop by and check out their site. TONS of great info there. I felt it important to share this excellent article because I still see a lot of people consuming agave nectar because they have been told that it’s a “healthy” […]

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