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10 Health Benefits of Gelatin, plus 80 Ways to Eat More of It

Do you consume gelatin regularly? I do and there are many reasons why. Gelatin is one of those over-looked super foods that we all should be eating more of.  If there is one food that all real foodies can agree on, it’s going to be gelatin. I first learned about the health benefits of gelatin in […]

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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

This article is shared today with permission from Dr. Mercola. I have followed the paleo style of eating for several years now and I think this is one of the best styles of eating for anyone who is trying to create long-term health and manage or improve chronic illness. Dr. Mercola makes some great points […]

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This Simple Vitamin Could Save Your Life

Meet the Miracle Man In 2009, New Zealand farmer, Alan Smith, was lying in hospital in an induced coma with machines keeping him alive following a severe dose of swine flu. His family was told that life support should be turned off. The family pleaded with the doctors to try high doses of vitamin C […]

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19 Health Benefits of Garlic

We all know garlic is good for us, right? It is probably one of the most commonly used herbs in our daily lives, yet did you know this small little plant packs a powerful medicinal punch? I personally use garlic in just about everything I make. A sprinkle of dried garlic here, a dash of […]

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