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By the Whey Side – Why I’ve Stopped Using Whey in My Vegetable Ferments

UPDATE 8/11/12: Since I wrote this post, I no longer use Mason jars for my ferments (learn why here). I have moved exclusively to using Pickl-It jars for my ferments. With these jars, there is no need to use a starter for your ferment. According to the Pickl-It website, “the Pickl-It lacto-fermentation system efficiently increases acidity, drops pH, […]

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Hey! Where’s the Whey? How to Make Whey

UPDATE 7/25/12: Since writing this post over a year ago, I have since stopped using whey in my ferments. You can read about why I decided to stop using whey as a ferment starter here. That said, whey still has an important place in my kitchen. It is very nutrient dense and extremely nourishing. Read […]

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