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80+ Dehydrator Recipes To Preserve the Harvest

Spring is almost here and Summer is right around the corner! With the warmer weather come delicious fresh veggies and fruits full of nutrients when harvested at the height of the season. If you’re like me, you have often ended up with more than you can eat before it spoils, so preserving these foods for […]

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How to Use Chia or Flax For Egg Replacements

NOTE: Can’t eat seeds? Try using gelatin for egg replacement. It’s easy! Click here to learn how to use grass-fed gelatin for egg replacement. I have been egg free off and on for about a year now, as I work through various food allergies and try to determine what I am truly sensitive to and […]

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How to Freeze Rhubarb (and some tasty recipe ideas)

  I am here to show you just how easy it is to freeze rhubarb! Summer is in full swing and it’s time to start thinking about preserving the season’s bounty for the cold, dreary winter months ahead. Here in Colorado, I am freezing up rhubarb to save for pies and other recipes in the […]

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