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The Simplest Refreshing Lemon Cleaner

I need a little motivation when it comes to cleaning. Oh, I keep a home pretty well. (As well as you can with three kids 6 and under!). But it just isn’t my favorite thing to do. When I used to have more time to clean, you know BK (before kids!), I think I enjoyed […]

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All Natural DIY Blush: Customizable To Your Skin Tone

Have you ever considered making your own blush? You might be surprised at how simple this DIY Blush Recipe is. It can even be customized for you skin tone and only has 3 ingredients! How awesome is that? So Why Make Your Own Blush? There are a few really good reason to dive into DIY […]

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How to Make Coconut Butter (in only 3 minutes)

I’ve passed up quite a few amazing sounding recipes in the past that called for coconut butter. Why? I didn’t want to pay for organic coconut butter because well, it’s a little steep. Some of the top brands I’ve looked at run around $10 for 16 oz. So a few months ago I ordered a […]

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Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup has long been known for its medicinal benefits, but many of the syrups on the market are rather expensive and contain unnecessary additives. You can still benefit from this traditional remedy, save your wallet, and make it even healthier by making your own! Even though I was raised on the more natural & […]

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5 Reasons To Add Coconut Flour To Your Diet

Editor’s Note: Please welcome my friend Hannah to the site today for another great blog post! Hannah is the founder of Whole Simple Life and is a formerly sick and tired Mama who is reclaiming her health naturally, one step at a time. She teaches others about cultured foods, unprocessed, and sugar free eating, green smoothies, […]

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