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Yoga and Earthing: A Wellness Inspired Practice

Editor’s Note: Please welcome David Gelfand from to the site today. Juil is one of my most trusted affiliate partners and I have been a big supporter of their products and mission for a number of years now. Today, David stops by to share a great article on yoga and earthing. Some of you may know that […]

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Yoga for Women’s Hormonal Health With Dr. Sara Gottfried

I have long been a fan of Dr. Sara Gottfried. I wish she lived in Denver so I could make her my own doctor! I have learned a lot from reading her posts and watching her videos over the years. I really appreciate these videos and I discovered them at the perfect time — right […]

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11 Tips for Balance, Eating Well, and Minimizing Stress

In my recent post, Finding Balance with Diet, Nutrition, and Happiness, I discussed the burden that eating “right” sometimes puts on us. Food often becomes an obsession and creates stress and anxiety in our lives. Food is a necessary part of life, but stress is not. Stress leads to illness and disease and we should all strive to reduce and eliminate as […]

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