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Why You Should Ditch the BMI Scale

At my last physical a few years ago, the nurse weighed me and asked me a few questions before the visit. She mentioned “Oh, I see your weight is healthy and within the normal BMI,” and without hesitation asked “So, I’m assuming you eat pretty well and exercise, then?” She made the automatic assumption that […]

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Let’s Get Personal :: How HTMA Has Changed My Life

I talk a lot about hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) (affiliate link) because it has literally changed my life. I really wish I’d known about this test years ago — I would have saved a ton of time and money and may have actually been able to avoid some of the chronic health problems I am […]

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7 Negative Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Life

We all have days when negative or self-defeating thoughts slither into our heads. It’s normal. However, what you do with them is another story. For me personally, I’m one of those people that gets a negative thought in my mind and it stays there for the next week, ruining my days. I obsess over them […]

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5 Steps to Start Intuitive Eating by Listening to your Body

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused by the endless nutrition and health information out there? It’s okay if you do – I used to as well! I didn’t know if I needed to follow a low-carb, high-fat, paleo, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet – or all of them mixed together! If I followed all the popular […]

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6 Tips to Stop Snoring Naturally

{I hope you all will give a warm welcome to my friend Beverly Meyer. She is a Paleo Nutritionist and Natural Health Practitioner, as well as the founder of the On Diet and Health website. She is a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of topics and her website is one of my go-to […]

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