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Healthy Habits 101: How to Make Changes that Last

When it comes to changing our health, the world is filled with success stories and life-changing transformations. Take a look at the about page on other blogs, and you’ll see them there – people sharing stories of healing diseases or losing weight by changing their diets. You can see the dramatic change through stories or pictures […]

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Why You Should Ditch the BMI Scale

At my last physical a few years ago, the nurse weighed me and asked me a few questions before the visit. She mentioned “Oh, I see your weight is healthy and within the normal BMI,” and without hesitation asked “So, I’m assuming you eat pretty well and exercise, then?” She made the automatic assumption that […]

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Let’s Get Personal :: How HTMA Has Changed My Life

I talk a lot about hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) (affiliate link) because it has literally changed my life. I really wish I’d known about this test years ago — I would have saved a ton of time and money and may have actually been able to avoid some of the chronic health problems I am […]

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7 Negative Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Life

We all have days when negative or self-defeating thoughts slither into our heads. It’s normal. However, what you do with them is another story. For me personally, I’m one of those people that gets a negative thought in my mind and it stays there for the next week, ruining my days. I obsess over them […]

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