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7 Negative Thoughts That Are Ruining Your Life

We all have days when negative or self-defeating thoughts slither into our heads. It’s normal. However, what you do with them is another story. For me personally, I’m one of those people that gets a negative thought in my mind and it stays there for the next week, ruining my days. I obsess over them […]

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5 Steps to Start Intuitive Eating by Listening to your Body

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused by the endless nutrition and health information out there? It’s okay if you do – I used to as well! I didn’t know if I needed to follow a low-carb, high-fat, paleo, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet – or all of them mixed together! If I followed all the popular […]

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6 Tips to Stop Snoring Naturally

Is snoring ruining your sleep and zapping your energy?  Here are 6 tips to stop snoring naturally, without surgery or a CPAP machine. Snoring is the result of restriction in the airway down your throat or in your nasal passages.  If your breathing is reduced while sleeping, you’ll be oxygen deprived 24 hours a day. […]

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How to Boost Your GABA for Anxiety and Sleep

Here’s something you may not have heard about….  GABA for anxiety and sleep! If you’re needing restful nights, happier days and a focused calmer mind, you’re ready for Neurotransmitters 101. Don’t worry – I’ll make this easy!  I’ve been teaching this in my clinic and podcasts for years. GABA is our main inhibitory neurotransmitter.  Along […]

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