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Why It Is Important to Find New Hobbies That Will Enrich Your Life

Sometimes life can lose a bit of its luster. We get bored easily, our minds aren’t constantly stimulated, and we seem to drift along in the monotony of our daily schedules. However, it’s important to nourish your spark for life and keep things interesting. That is why it’s critical to always find new hobbies to […]

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Stop the Diet Dogma: Paleo, Vegan, and Real Food Similarities

Vegan Paleo Raw Vegan WAPF When it comes to your diet, how do you identify? Take any of the above groups (or hundreds I haven’t listed), and you’ll end up with thousands of blogposts or books to read about why this approach is hands-down the best for everyone. These days, paleo and vegan tend to be […]

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Resistant Starch 101: Everything You Need to Know

Jessica’s Note: Today’s article on resistant starch is shared with Kris Gunner’s permission. Kris is the founder of Authority Nutrition and his site is packed with great info, so make sure you stop by and check it out. Kris doesn’t mention it below, but the #1 source of resistant starch according to my research is […]

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