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How to Recharge Your Spirits After a Bad Day (or week, or month…)

Everyone has difficult days, weeks, or even months, when all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep. It would be easier to ignore all the stresses in your life, but reality doesn’t work that way. You must face your challenges head on so you can eventually get past them and move into a more […]

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Healthy Habits 101: How to Make Changes that Last

When it comes to changing our health, the world is filled with success stories and life-changing transformations. Take a look at the about page on other blogs, and you’ll see them there – people sharing stories of healing diseases or losing weight by changing their diets. You can see the dramatic change through stories or pictures […]

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All Natural DIY Blush: Customizable To Your Skin Tone

Have you ever considered making your own blush? You might be surprised at how simple this DIY Blush Recipe is. It can even be customized for you skin tone and only has 3 ingredients! How awesome is that? So Why Make Your Own Blush? There are a few really good reason to dive into DIY […]

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Why It Is Important to Find New Hobbies That Will Enrich Your Life

Sometimes life can lose a bit of its luster. We get bored easily, our minds aren’t constantly stimulated, and we seem to drift along in the monotony of our daily schedules. However, it’s important to nourish your spark for life and keep things interesting. That is why it’s critical to always find new hobbies to […]

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