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The VH Podcast, Episode 37: Fertility with Sara Russell

This post may contain affiliate links. It does not cost you anything and helps maintain the free information on this site, as well as answer the questions of “what brand do you use?” Please know I never personally recommend any product or service I wouldn’t use on my own family. Today, Lydia and I welcome […]

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Making Friends with Food

Ahhh, food. What a problem it can cause for so many people. From clinically diagnosed eating disorders to disordered eating, issues surrounding food can take on many forms for us. I personally have dealt with disordered eating patterns and am still working through some of them. This topic is one that is near and dear […]

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Let Go of Health Perfectionism

A few years ago, when I was trying to heal a lot of digestive symptoms, I ended up learning a lot about digestive health. While most of it was helpful, it was also overwhelming at times, and I felt there was always more I “should” be doing. While I did make some dietary changes and […]

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