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Alternative Treatment Methods for Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike

  Editor’s Note: Please welcome David Gelfand from to the site today. Juil is one of my trusted affiliate partners and I have been a big supporter of their products and mission for a number of years now. Today, David is here to share a great article on alternative treatments for the athlete, as well as the […]

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Are Missing Minerals Impairing Your Health?

Today we are a nation suffering from bad moods, stress, and depression. We don’t get enough sleep, we get “blue” in the winter months, we start to lose our memory, have high-strung parents, hyperactive kids, or kids that can’t seem to ‘pay attention’ in school. Addictions are on the rise. Moms of multiple children are […]

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Coffee Enemas for Detoxification (the why and the how)

Note from Jessica: I just this week started doing coffee enemas. Lydia has been encouraging me to do them for months now, but it has taken me three solid months to wrap my head around it and get the courage to do it. And you know what? It is not NEARLY as bad as I […]

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Let’s Get Personal :: How Minerals Have Changed My Life

Today, I want to talk to the ladies specifically. Though, if you’re a guy and you have a special lady in your life who deals with bad PMS, painful periods, etc., please share this info with them. Minerals and My Cycle I am here today to tell you that minerals have changed my life. I […]

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