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9 Ways Practicing Gratitude Will Improve Your Health

Editor’s Note: Today, I’d like to welcome a new contributor to the site, my friend Kelly. She is joining us to share her expertise on things like gratitude, stress management, and more. All areas that we could use help in! Please give her a warm welcome! ~~~~~ We all know that November celebrates one of […]

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10 Tips For Natural Cold and Flu Prevention

  It’s November now and cold and flu season is upon us. ¬†With cooler weather we tend to stay inside a lot more which cultivates the perfect environment for germs to be passed from one to another. Getting sick is a nuisance to say the least. It’s impossible to avoid people and germs, but there […]

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Is Your Thyroid Toxic?

In today’s modern world no one alive is exempt from excessive levels of toxic metals in their body. They are everywhere and we simply cannot fully avoid them. Toxic metals do not have a single positive role in the human body either. Unfortunately, they have become a major cause for a number of health issues, […]

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Are Your Skincare Products Toxic? (and a safe alternative)

If you’ve been following this site for any amount of time, you know that I am a big advocate of eating whole, nourishing foods. Food is the #1 place we can start to create wellness in the body. But, I am also a fan of only using nourishing skin products that contain zero chemicals, artificial […]

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Dry Skin Brushing 101: The Why and How of this Detoxifying Practice

Editor’s Note: I get a lot of questions about skin brushing and this article from Dr. Mercola goes over the why and how of this amazing detoxifying practice. Over the last couple weeks, I have really focused on brushing each morning before my shower. In the past, I have done it sporadically so I am […]

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