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Why Agave Nectar is NOT a Healthy Sweetener

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Joe Leech of Authority Nutrition and shared here with their permission. Make sure you stop by and check out their site. TONS of great info there. I felt it important to share this excellent article because I still see a lot of people consuming agave nectar because they have been told that it’s a “healthy” […]

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50 Delicious and Healthy Apple Dessert Recipes

It’s October and with cooler weather on the way it makes me think of apples. It’s the perfect time for a visit to the orchard to pick baskets and baskets of apples. But, what do you do with all of those apples? The possibilities are endless… apple pies, apple crisps, caramel apples, applesauce, apple muffins… […]

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Readers’ Choice: The Ultimate Cold & Flu Home Remedy Guide, Part 1

Cold and flu season is upon us and everywhere we turn, we are being sold thing like flu shots and antibacterial / antiviral cleaning supplies, all of which can have harmful effects on our overall health. There are also countless pharmaceutical remedies,  containing a variety of chemicals that often harm our health even further or create harmful […]

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