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Melon Gummies (a delicious way to eat more gelatin!)

Summer! We finally made it! Boy that school bell rang the final time and I had our flip flops in hand and we hit the beach down the road! We are ready! It is really nice to have a few quick protein packed snacks that will hold my busy bee girls over until lunch when […]

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Resistant Starch 101: Everything You Need to Know

Jessica’s Note: Today’s article on resistant starch is shared with Kris Gunner’s permission. Kris is the founder of Authority Nutrition and his site is packed with great info, so make sure you stop by and check it out. Kris doesn’t mention it below, but the #1 source of resistant starch according to my research is […]

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Are you Undereating? Why it’s Stressful for your Body.

We are all mixed-up about nutrition these days. Take a look at any headline of a popular health and wellness magazine, and they’ll tell you a version of the common “eat less, move more” with tips on cutting calories and working out more. It’s led many women (and men) into a disordered eating pattern or […]

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