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My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Body Care

I have a confession. I am a bit of a coconut oil addict. Yes, yes I am. I keep jars of coconut oil all around the house and use it for pretty much everything. While it is my go-to oil for cooking and baking, it is also my go-to oil for skin and body care. […]

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Norm’s Farms Elderberry Giveaway ($74 value)

In case you missed it, please check out my detailed review of the wonderful products I received from Norm’s Farms. You can read that post here. Now, for the fun stuff! The nice folks over at Norm’s Farms are giving away an awesome package for one lucky winner. The package (a $74 value) will include: […]

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Small Purple Berry. Big Nutritional Punch.

The elderberry. A tiny purple berry with a big nutritional punch. Are you familiar with this berry? It’s one of my personal favorites and I am excited to share this post with you today! The Goodness of the Elderberry Most people are familiar with elderberry as an immune booster. It is a very common cold and flu […]

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What is the #1 Treat You’re Missing on the Autoimmune Protocol?

Ice cream. For me, there’s nothing better. But, when you’re following a restrictive diet of any sorts, including the autoimmune paleo protocol, ice cream is pretty much off limits. That makes me sad. Very, very sad. But, NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to two fellow paleo bloggers and real food experts, Jennifer Robins and Vivian Cheng, we […]

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The Safe Detox Protocol eBook Review

Detox. The word probably conjures up a wide variety of meanings, depending on who you are. For me, the word detox means removing toxins from my body so that my systems can function optimally (or at least better than they are). Many of you know Pat Robinson. She is the founder of the Heal Thyself! […]

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