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It’s My Birthday! Let’s Celebrate With 50% OFF My eBooks

This post may contain affiliate links. It does not cost you anything and helps maintain the free information on this site, as well as answer the questions of “what brand do you use?” Please know I never personally recommend any product or service I wouldn’t use on my own family. I love October. Thank you, […]

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The Detox Project: Why Detoxification is Important to Your Health

As someone who has battled (and is battling) chronic illness for years now, detoxification is at the very tip-top of my to-do list for my health. When I talk about detox, I’m not talking about these crazy cleanses or 10, 20, 30 day programs that have you drinking juice and other weird concoctions. What I […]

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3 Ways Poor Sleep Ruins Your Health

Sleep is important. Like really, really, reeeeeeeally important. I’ve mentioned before that sleep is a non-negotiable for me. I am incredibly protective of my sleep and make it a priority in my life. And this is why: 1. When we sleep, protein production takes place that provides the necessary building blocks for cell growth and […]

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How We’re ACTUALLY Going to Change the World

<< I’ll be having a live webinar on September 8th, 2016 to discuss this mission! Details below! >> A lot of people talk about how they are going to “change the world“. But many of them don’t actually have a plan on how they are going to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all […]

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