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23 Ways to Enjoy Eggplant

Eggplant is sort of the forgotten summer veggie for some, getting lost among the mounds of tomatoes and zucchini, but there are so many fun things to make with eggplant! We can find eggplant at our local grocer year round, but it’s flavor (and price!) are best late summer into early fall. It’s flavor is […]

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Making Friends with Food

Ahhh, food. What a problem it can cause for so many people. From clinically diagnosed eating disorders to disordered eating, issues surrounding food can take on many forms for us. I personally have dealt with disordered eating patterns and am still working through some of them. This topic is one that is near and dear […]

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3 Tips For Eating Real Food On A Budget

I want to start off by welcoming any new readers and thanking my long-term readers. I am so appreciative of both of you and the kind emails and comments I get from you continue to inspire and motivate me to provide helpful information for you! One of the things that I am focusing on with […]

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Beat The Heat Summer Blowout! Snag My eBooks For Cheap!

It is HOT! There seems to be a heatwave across the country and there are days where I literally feel like I am melting. No A/C here, so I spend lots of time in front of the fan, with a cool towel on my neck, and sipping on something delicious, cold, and hydrating. So, since […]

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GIVEAWAY :: Morrocco Method Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo (3 winners!)

<<This giveaway has closed. The winners were announced here.>> Giveaway time (and coupon code)! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a giveaway over here and I am super excited to tell you that Morrocco Method is giving away 3 bottles of their brand new Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo! If you haven’t had time to read […]

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