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Think you can’t garden? You can!

Zucchini Coleslaw :: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Option

One of my favorite summer staples is coleslaw! I have spent years perfecting the *perfect* classic coleslaw recipe – and it is just amazing. But I have been working through thyroid issues over the years, and while goitrogens like cabbage don’t affect everyone, I do feel like I slow down a bit when I have […]

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Infographic Sundays – A Guide to Seasonal Eating Edition

Now that summer time is here, fresh fruits and veggies are becoming abundant, depending on where you live. The farmers market right by my house opened last Sunday, and I am so excited to have weekly access to local goodies! I love this infographic and might actually keep it on my fridge for handy reference! […]

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Infographic Sundays – The Planting Guide Edition

I love this chart! Even though it has some specific info on there about Philadelphia, it still has some handy info! This summer, my mother-in-law are doing a garden together and we’re planting lots of tomatoes and peppers! Yum! What’s growing in your garden? Browse more Other infographics.  

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Fun Video Fridays – The Garden of Eatin’ Edition

This video, put out by Kitchen Gardeners International is a brief look at America’s Garden. Though it’s three years old, it’s still a good one! Gardening serves so many valuable purposes other than providing food. It’s good for the body and the soul. Getting your hands in the dirt and cultivating the soil and the […]

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