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Farmers markets are the best place to find local foods and fresh veggies

Infographic Sundays – A Guide to Seasonal Eating Edition

Now that summer time is here, fresh fruits and veggies are becoming abundant, depending on where you live. The farmers market right by my house opened last Sunday, and I am so excited to have weekly access to local goodies! I love this infographic and might actually keep it on my fridge for handy reference! […]

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Fun Video Fridays – The Michael Pollan Why Eat Local Edition

I am a big advocate of eating local and in season. Not only are you getting more nutrition, you are conserving energy and helping to protect and support your local economy. Food is one of the greatest pleasures we have in life, yet we sometimes forget to stop and think about where our food is […]

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Fun Video Fridays – The Edible Schoolyard Edition

Awhile back, I posted a video about Alice Waters and her 60 Minutes interview. If you’re not familiar with Alice Waters, she is the mother of the slow food movement. She is a powerful advocate for using high-quality, local, sustainable ingredients and eating what’s in season. Her restaurant, Chez Panisse, is considered one of the […]

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