15 Dietary Uses for Coconut Oil

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15 Dietary Uses for Coconut Oil | Follow Me on Pinterest

I am often asked questions about coconut oil, and seeing that it’s one of my favorite topics, I love to answer questions! The most common question I get is how do I use coconut oil?¬†Well, there are a multitude of uses for coconut oil, which you can see in my 52 Uses for Coconut Oil and 122 Uses for Coconut Oil posts. But, the answer I always give is:

Start using coconut oil in your cooking and baking.

Replace those nasty vegetable oils and fake fats (margarine, anyone?) with coconut oil. This is the easiest way to incorporate it into your diet and reap the benefits of consuming this delicious, healthy tropical oil.

I use coconut oil for probably 80% of my cooking and baking. The other 20% is made up of ghee, butter, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, tallow, and duck fat. I use both virgin and refined coconut oils in my kitchen. Despite what many people think, refined coconut oils are just fine to use. The key is to make sure that the company you purchase from does not use any chemicals, solvents, or bleaches during their refining process. Visit my Products I Love page for more info on coconut oil brands.

Looking for 15 easy ways to use more coconut oil in your diet? Here you go!

  1. Eat a spoonful when you need an energy boost.
  2. Replace unhealthy vegetable oils in your cooking and baking.
  3. Take a spoonful with your vitamins to help improve absorption.
  4. Take daily for improved thyroid function.
  5. Add a spoonful to your smoothies for extra nutrition and flavor.
  6. For nursing mothers, consuming coconut oil will help increase milk flow.
  7. Eat a spoonful with each meal to improve digestion.
  8. Use to help detox the body during a cleanse or fast.
  9. Take a spoonful to help with heartburn, acid reflux, or indigestion.
  10. Mix with butter (or use in place of) and toss your popcorn in it.
  11. Eat coconut oil daily to help overall immune function.
  12. Add coconut oil to your coffee or tea for flavor and nutrition.
  13. Use on toast instead of butter.
  14. Use as the base for homemade chocolate candy.
  15. Take a spoonful before a meal to help curb appetite.

This is only 15 of a loooooooong list of dietary uses. Looking for more coconut oil info? I have an entire section of my site devoted to Coconut Oil & Health.

How do you use coconut oil in your diet? What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below! Also, feel free to share this image with your friends!

15 Dietary Uses for Coconut Oil | Follow Me on Pinterest

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  1. how do you substitute coconut oil for shortening? same amounts, melt it, etc….thank you I can’t seem to find anything on this


    Posted 08/21/13

    • Hi Heidi – When I am using it in place of shortening, I measure it out when it’s in a solid state, that way you’ll get a more accurate replacement of the shortening. When I use it for regular vegetable oils, I measure it in liquid form. Both can be 1:1 ratios. Hope that helps! :)


      Posted 08/21/13

      • I am so glad I came across your website. It is wonderful that you are sharing all this information with the world. I can identify with your problems so well. For the past four years I have tried everything in the book to lose weight and to halt the steady gain (40 pounds (18 kg) just in the past four years!), including excessive exercise, eating less than 800 calories per day, going low carb, no sugar, low oil etc. Nothing worked. As a result of extensive research I adopted a new, very healthy but rather limited diet. The combination of moderate exercise, the new diet and regular intake of at least 4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily helps me to lose an average of 3 pounds (1.4 kg) per week. I am in my third week, and I do not know whether this kind of loss can be sustained, but I am just so happy to have found the key to better health and weight loss.

        A friend of mine kept on insisting that I should have my thyroid function tested. After many months I did just that and it revealed that I had low TSH, free T3 and free T4 levels with an abnormally low pulse that can go as low as 45 beats per minute (resting). On top of all of this I was going through peri-menopause at the same time. I went from being an unbelievable healthy, fit, energetic, positive, effective person to a lethargic, depressed, pathetic human being with horrible mood swings and a myriad of health problems. It was like I was invaded by an alien and I just could not take it anymore. This prompted me to look for solutions. I eliminated all sugar, dairy, all foods with dense starches or high sugar (including some fresh vegetables and fruit), gluten products, night shade vegetable and vegetables that can aggravate the thyroid condition.
        I make my own coconut oil from fresh coconut milk bought at the market (I am fortunate enough to live in Thailand). I cannot stand the taste of coconut oil, so I make chocolates from coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey, stevia and dried berries. I never feel hungry, faint or shaky. I eat four to five times a day and I start my day with a drink of fresh ginger and lemon. Furthermore I drink one cup of coffee with stevia and I eat a lot of spices like cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, turmeric and curry for their health properties, adding taste and boosting metabolism. My heartbeat is now a healthy 65 beats per minute, my thyroid function is almost normal without medication and I feel like a different person. I have more energy than in years and my zest for life has returned.

        I love your blog and recipes. Thank you once again for sharing and may you be blessed.


        Charmaine Bredenkamp
        Posted 10/15/13

        • Hi Charmaine – Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your story! I am so happy you have found some things that work for you. Regaining our health certainly is a journey, isn’t it? It can be exhausting at times, but when you find something that works, stick with it! :) I wish you all the best on your journey into the future!!!


          Posted 10/16/13

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