Maple Coconut Bars With Coconut Oil Recipe (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Autoimmune Friendly)

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Maple Coconut Bars With Coconut Oil Recipe // #coconutoil #glutenfree #dairyfree Follow Me on Pinterest

These maple coconut bars with coconut oil are the perfect little treat when you want something sweet (but not too sweet), and you want it to be good for you too!

I developed this recipe after I tried a coconut bar made by Oskri Organics. Their bars are really tasty, but I didn’t like the fact that it had so much sugar in them. So, I wanted to try making something similar with lots of coconut oil and a little maple syrup instead of rice syrup.

The recipe turned out well, though it’s not an exact copycat recipe. The Oskri bars are much chewier, due to the rice syrup, but frankly, it’s just too much sugar for me to consume at one time.

I am always looking for a way to get more coconut oil into my diet, and this is the perfect avenue. I would recommend keeping them in the fridge though – the oil melts really quickly if left out. You can let them warm up a little bit so they’re not quite so hard and they get a soft fudge-texture. Eat them fast!

Note: If you want to eliminate the sugar altogether, you could leave the maple syrup out. Also, if you don’t like the maple flavor, I’m sure they would be equally delicious with honey or another type of sweetener of your choice.

Shout out to my friend Suzanne from Strands of My Life for shooting the photo for this recipe!

Maple Coconut Bars With Coconut Oil Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
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Recipe type: Gluten and Dairy Free Snack or Dessert
Serves: 12
  1. In a small saucepan, combine the shredded coconut and the coconut oil and warm over very low heat while stirring.
  2. Once the oil is completely melted, add the maple syrup, vanilla and salt and continue stirring until the shredded coconut has absorbed a little of the oil. I stirred for about 5 minutes.
  3. Pour the mixture into a small, glass dish (I used my little 3-cup rectangle Pyrex storage dish), muffin tins, or any other dish you would like.
  4. Push the mixture down until it is packed firmly and then refrigerate for at least an hour.
  5. Cut into bars or cubes and enjoy.
  6. In order to get the bars to let go of the dish, try placing the dish in a shallow pan of hot water for a minute and then they will pop right out.

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  1. These look really interesting…I am a huge coconut fan!

    • Thanks Jamie! I’m a big fan of your blog. All of your treats look so delicious and the photographs are fantastic too! That’s one thing I should work on in 2011 is making my photos better! Thanks for reading! 🙂


      Posted 12/30/10

  2. oh my yumminess! They turned out great! Have you tried any variations to get bars like the pineapple or mango or cherry bars?


    Posted 03/21/11

    • Yay! I’m so glad you liked them. You know, I tried them on some friends and they weren’t too keen on them. But, I think it’s because most people aren’t used to eating a chunk of oil! 🙂 I eat coconut oil by the spoonful, so I’m used to it, but I have to admit, it’s a texture that takes some getting used to! I have not tried adding any fruit, but I’m sure they would turn out great. I’m thinking some dried cherries would be awesome – maybe stir them into the oil while it’s warm and they would soften up while it cools? If you try adding fruit, let me know how it turns out! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


      Posted 03/21/11

  3. I just may try these. I think if you lined the pan with parchment paper they’d be easy to get out too! So what size shred of coconut do you use – yours looks larger than the kind I get. I can get the flakes and chop them up a bit – I am thinking these would be better with a bigger shred like yours…………..anyway, good idea! I used to melt coconut oil, and put random things in it like coconut, maybe some melted chocolate in a shallow bowl and pop in the freezer when I needed  a nice treat.


    Posted 10/14/11

    • Hi Lydia! Sorry for the delay in responding. The parchment paper is a great idea. I’ll have to remember that next time I make them! The shreds are just whatever my health food store has in their bulk section. It varied from time to time. They typically have the huge flakes, a medium sized flake (which is what I used in this recipe), and a super fine shred (awesome for macaroons and such). And chocolate?? YUMMO! 🙂


      Posted 10/24/11

  4. These look delicious!

  5. How about using organic coconut sugar instead of the maple?


    Posted 05/03/13

    • Hi Elise – That would probably taste great!


      Posted 05/03/13

  6. oh boy are these good! I am going to have a hard time not overindulging… even my husband liked them, although I didn’t tell him what it was made of, other than it had coconut in it, haha.


    Posted 03/20/14

    • Awesome Cheryl! I love when I can sneak things past my hubby too. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!


      Jessica Espinoza
      Posted 03/20/14

  7. I’ll be making these with honey! Yum yum!


    Posted 04/11/14

  8. i love these! i spoon the mix into flexible square candy forms and ball ice cube tray and pop them in the freezer for a bit. i always put Life chocolate mini chips in the forms first. after oil hardens, i put them into a storage container. sometimes i add bits of almonds too….mounds of joy!


    Posted 06/01/14

  9. Wow, these are so good. I made them a few days ago, and LOVE them. They taste like Mounds candy bars without the chocolate and with less sugar. Thank you for such a good and easy recipe! I’ll be making these when I need a treat.


    Posted 08/14/14

  10. Thank you so very much for the gf recipe!

    I will be on the road next week, and I am packing the ingredients to make these in my hotel room. 🙂


    Posted 09/10/14

  11. Would honey work instead of maple syrup?


    Lori Powell
    Posted 11/13/14

  12. This sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to try it.


    Sharon Oaks
    Posted 11/23/14

  13. Thank you! These are soooo good! And what’s more….it’s keeping my blood sugar down, and hopefully they will help with my weight loss struggle.

    Deb Casey
    Edgewood, NM


    Posted 01/17/15

  14. I made these and we really enjoyed them. Do you think it would work to substitute part of the coconut oil with coconut butter? Thank you for the recipe!


    cheryl Austin
    Posted 03/06/15

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