Weekly Recipe Wrap Up – 11/28/10

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How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful – not only did I get to spend it with lots of my family, but I also got extra time off from work, which is always a major bonus!  Are you all sick of turkey? Did you try any new, real food recipes? I’d love to hear about your meals and what your favorite dishes were!

Here’s this week’s Recipe Wrap Up. I must say, I admire my fellow bloggers – I have been feeling a little lazy this week and have been somewhat negligent on my blog. But, my comrades have been cranking out the new recipes and there are tons to share! I’ve coupled some recent posts with some “oldies but goodies”.

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie – I bet we all have some leftover turkey. Here’s a delicious recipe – a more sophisticated take on a classic comfort food.

Pancake Tacos – Tired of the same old thing for breakfast? Give these a try with your favorite pancake batter and spice up breakfast! So incredibly simple, but it restores the fun to this important meal. These would be great savory or sweet.

Hamburger Helper Alternatives – From one of my favorite real food bloggers, Kelly the Kitchen Kop, comes a great post about alternatives for Hamburger Helper (which is one of the most popular pre-packaged meals and is full of nasty ingredients).

Beef Recipes – Now that we’re all full of turkey, I’m sure some people have a hankering for some red meat. Here is a great page with multiple beef recipes on there. I’m looking forward to trying the beef meatballs and stuffing them inside some homemade pita bread (see next link).

Homemade Pita Bread – I love pita bread, but I never buy it because I can never find a brand that I like. And, I very rarely make bread at home, but these look so fluffy and delicious that I might just have to whip up a batch! If you’re following nourishing traditions principles, make sure you soak your flour to help with digestion.

Roast Duck and Pumpkin Curry – This is from a new website that I just stumbled across and I am so excited to explore their recipes! I have been wanting to branch out and start cooking more Thai and Indian foods and this site is full of wonderful, authentic recipes. I found the blog through a Google search for Weston A Price and their write-up about him came up.

What’s your favorite new recipe? Feel free to share in the comments section below! I hope everyone has a healthy and safe week!

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